Friday, January 13, 2012

Turning wind to Gravel Roads.

I figured this would be the perfect place to start.
I want to explain the new title of this blog. It is a travel blog, meant to mark and recount my travels soon after they happen but it is also meant to mark the significance in each experience. The lyric “ Turn the wind to gravel roads”” comes from the song Idaho Josh Ritter.
The quiet guitar lick and the strong conviction in josh’s voice always gets me when he talks about what it means to ‘come home’ or ‘go home’ or whatever. Turning wind to gravel roads can mean returning to a way of life in which you feel most comfortable. To me though, it means taking all that hot air that is wafted about wishes and travels that could be had and lifestyles that maybe you romantically envision for yourself and turning them into something tangible, testing it out. Wind to gravel roads. I especially like how in this statement it not a paved path, it is not a highway… no, instead, it is a chance taken on a bumpy, uneven, sometimes winding and potentially fruitless route.

But it makes all the difference when you find out for yourself.

Packed my bags now I wanna go.

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