Wednesday, January 18, 2012

i-70 with photos of rocks.

The last three days have consisted of another long drive sandwiched by two wonderful hikes.

If someone asked me what my favorite highway in the world was, I would probably consider the longest, or the scariest or the coastal highways... But right now I can think of none more beautiful than the Interstate 70. This  highway starts in the rock mountains, taking you over snowy mountain passes and winding through deep canyons that parallel a young Colorado river. Then, slowly, the mercury rises as your altitude drops and a high desert presents itself almost like Butch Cassidy in an old western film. Imagination swirls and dissipates like smoke rings telling stories of cowboys and Indians as the red mountains emerge through patches in snow and gradually sink into the vast landscape of the Utah  plains.

Sigh. So pretty.

Here are some sights from Colorado to Utah so far:

Eldorado Canyon! Rocks! mm. Rocks! (CO)

Just a nice little morning stroll up the the flat Irons, no big deal ( CO)

More Eldo, oh, famous Eldo... (CO)

Papa Watson on the move.

Abert's Squirrel!

Classic Colorado

Long road

Bryce Canyon

More Bryce... no enhancements in colour...

Big walls of Bryce. This tree is looking for light. Good luck buddy!

More photos here!

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