Monday, January 23, 2012

Let the Mayhem Begin.

It is Monday in Las Vegas.
It is raining.

It is funny to come to the desert, looking for perfect weather. I swear that it is because of those expectations that the first days of the whole trip that I can climb... I can't. Enter the Las Vegas Library. That is exactly where I am right now. It is okay though, I am sure it is just the Gods of writing that are telling me to buckle down, research hard and send! ( ...articles into editors).

Showing up at the Campground proved more successful than expected. I quickly befriended some nearby car campers finding out that they had just arrived from Joshua Tree National Park. We joined forces for a campfire and decided to split costs on the campsite to make it cheaper.

Diana is an outdoor educator out of Texas. She works seasonally, spending every extra penny and minute in the rocks. She works mostly in California right now, taking sixth graders into the wild and teaching them science.

Rick's accent gave him away immediately. A hard grit climber from the UK, he embarked on a bicycle roadtrip from Vancouver down the pacific coast earlier in the year. Sighting months without rock, he abandoned the trip to hitch around with Diana and climb as much as possible.

When I ran into them they had just finished a day of climbing frogland, a classic 5.8 multi-pitch traditional line. They were both stoked.

It is always good to run into seasoned Red Rocks climbers. As soon as the rain started we packed up and convoyed into town,  quickly finding the cheapest showers and internet access.

Before all this though, I drove into the park... parked at the second pull out. Stumbled down and up and around and sat right infront of this....

Last november, on the same night of my flight back to Toronto, I spent hours falling into the darkening sky trying desperately to link the moves of this climb. Boarding my flight I didn't write about the trip, or the people or the new chapter... I wrote out every single move, clip, rest stance and crux for the Yak Crack.

These are pages from my journal last November.
 It is time for this to come clean.

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