Saturday, January 28, 2012

Climb on.

“I feel happy, then suddenly lonely. I somehow feel very isolated amoungst all this rugged beauty. The sun, now just dipping below the mountains to the west, sends out lines of gold threaded with orange and purple hues. God, This is beautiful- should have a camera. NO! This wouldn’t look any different from any other sunset on film. Even the memory will fade in time. We climb for the moment, and the special enjoyment gained from that moment. Looking back and remembering will never be the same as the original experience. If it were, we should just sit by the fire for the rest of our lives; sipping beer, smoking and just remembering. Instead we climb on and on, searching out those most precious moments wherever they may be found.” 

I didn't write that. I didn't even come close. As research for an article I am reading Chic Scott's Pushing the Limits. If you climb rocks or mountains and you have not read it then I have to recommend. It is so well written. There is a stellar and sunken history of our countries affinity for climbing and some of the struggles and mentalities of the individuals who have paved the way may resonate with your own mountains. This quote was from Billy Davision on the summit of the CMC wall. I could not say them better, so I will not. Instead I will just illuminate them here.

PLEASE DO NOT STEAL! - this is D, climbing Dark Shadows in Red Rocks, Nevada.
PLEASE DO NOT STEAL!! The city that never sleeps.

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